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Deadly Isolation (2004) Produced by Incendo for Lifetime TV
Starring Cherilynn Fenn


Silent Night (2002) Produced by Muse for Hallmark TV
Starring Linda Hamilton Nomination, Best Director –Gemini Awards 2003


The Whitechapel Vampire Fourth in the series of new Sherlock
(2001) Holmes mysteries produced by Muse for
Hallmark TV.
Starring Matt Frewer and Kenneth Welsh


Scandal in Bohemia (2001) Third in the Sherlock Holmes series


The Sign of Four (2000) Second in the Sherlock Homes series


The Hound of the Baskervilles First in the Sherlock Holmes series (2000)


Artificial Lies (1999) Produced by Blackwatch Entertainment
Starring Jack Wagner and Daphne Zuniga


Wilder (1999) Produced by Cinequest Films
Starring Pam Grier and Rutger Hauer


The Pact (1998) Produced by Allegro Films
Starring Rider Strong, John Heard and
Liza Zane
An HBO premier broadcast


Owd Bob (1997) Produced by Kingsboro Films
Starring James Cromwell and Colm
A Disney Channel premier broadcast


Little Men (1996) Produced by Allegro Films
Starring Mariel Hemmingway and Chris
A Warner Bros theatrical release
Rodney Gibbons Filmography 3


Stranger in the House Produced by Image Corporation
(1996) Starring Michelle Green and Steve


The Neighbor (1994) Produced by Allegro Films
Starring Rod Steiger and Linda Kozlowski
A CBS MOW premier broadcast




Mayday (2006) 2 x 60 mins for Nat Geo / Discovery


Mental Block (2004) 4 x 30mins for YTV


Back to Sherwood (1998) 6 x 30 mins for Fox Family and ITV


Lassie II & III (1997-8) 4 x 30 mins for Animal Planet TV SCREENWRITING CREDITS - Screenwriter


The Whitechapel Vampire Feature produced by Muse for Hallmark
(2001) Starring Matt Frewer and Kenneth Welsh


Captive (1999) Feature produced by Blackwatch Films

Starring Michael Ironside and Erika Eliniak


Digger (1996) Feature produced by Circle North Prods
Starring Timothy Bottoms, Adam HannByrd, Olympia Dukakis and Leslie Neilsen


Lassie lll (1998) TV Series produced by Cinar for Animal
Planet TV
One episode


My Hometown (1996) TV series produced by Mercier films for


Two episodes SCRIPTS IN DEVELOPMENT – Screenwriter/Producer


The Wayne Lonergan Story written for CTV with Telefilm Canada and
SODEC funding


Beautiful Joe written for Vivavision with Telefilm
Rodney Gibbons Filmography 4
Canada and SODEC funding


Digging to Australia written with Telefilm Canada and SODEC
funding OTHER CREDITS– Script Editor


Race to Mars (2006) TV mini-series for Discovery Channel


OTHER CREDITS - Cinematographer

1977-96 - Cinematographer of many shorts, documentaries, music videos,
TV ads and more than 20 feature films. Lists available upon request.